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: 2469 270 - 2.7m - 40gr £91.66
: 2469 300 - 3.0m - 40gr £99.99
: 2469 330 - 3.3m - 40gr £104.16
: 2469 360 - 3.6m - 50gr £112.49
: 2469 375 - 3.75m - 60gr £120.83
: 2469 390 - 3.90m - 80gr £129.16
: 2469 405 - 4.05m - 100gr £137.49
: 2469 420 - 4.2m - 125gr £145.83

Product Description

The Cresta Blackthorne series provides a complete range of modern rods for the high-demanding feeder fisherman. Each rod comes with a specific action, and they are adapted one by one to create the ultimate performing rod for each situation. Built with high end Japanese carbon these quality rods will last for a lifetime.
The length of the handle, reel position and the amount and setting of the guides are all  suited to the needs of each model.
Each Blackthorne rod comes with 3 different tips which are to match with the action of the rod and the type of fishing. The rods can be divided in to seperate sections of the same length for easy transportation and storage.


Blackthorne Feeder 40gr 2,70m - 3,00m - 3,30m
It’s no longer a secret that feeder fishing can be extremely effective on short distance. Even within range of general poles, fishing with a small lead weight or cage feeder can produce great results. These rods come with sensitive tips for optimal bite registration and the fast action of these 40 gr. rods make them perfect for this way of fishing. These distinctive qualities make these rods perfectly suitable for coarse, carp and F1’s.
Supplied with 0.5-0.7-1.0oz carbon tips.

Blackthorne Feeder 50gr 3,60m
Sensitivity, lightness and power are the key words for this new Black Thorne 50gram Feeder rod. It’s a great rod for fishing middle to long distances. The fast action provides a lot of benefits when fishing active for roach and skimmers, but also provides a confident feeling when playing bigger fish such as bream and small carp on a relatively light rod.
Supplied with 1.0-1.5-2.0oz carbon tips.

Blackthorne Feeder 60gr 3,75m
When developing this new rod, the casting weight was the starting point. A filled cage feeder with 60 grams of lead weight can cast to the horizon with ease, but also lighter feeders can be cast with great precision due of enhanced blank strength. The tip section is sensitive and flexible, which makes this rod also perfect for fishing with braided lines.
Supplied with 1.5-2.0-3.0oz carbon tips.

Blackthorne Feeder 80gr 3,90m
Fishing with heavy cage feeders require a special rod. The rod has to withstand continuous pressure when used in rough conditions such as big rivers without loosing it’s strength and hook setting power. This 3.9mtr Black Thorne Feeder can cast a filled cage feeders up to 80 grams with no effort. Even under high “line pressure” this rod has plenty of “backbone” left to set the hook succesfully. Great for for distance fishing and use in rough weather conditions.
Supplied with 1.5-2.0-3.0oz carbon tips.

Blackthorne Feeder 100gr 4.05m
This rod will cast large feeders on rivers.
Supplied with 2-3-4oz carbon tips.

Blackthorne Feeder 125gr 4.2m
Ideal for large powerfull rivers.
Supplied with 2-3-4oz carbon tips.

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