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: 2468 361 - 3.6m - 80gr - Medium/Heavy £79.16
: 2468 362 - 3.6m - 100gr - Heavy £79.16
: 2468 364 - 3.6m - 140gr - Extra Heavy £87.49
: 2468 390 - 3.9m - 80gr - Medium/Heavy £83.33
: 2468 391 - 3.9m - 100gr - Heavy £83.33
: 2468 392 - 3.9m - 180gr - Extra Heavy £83.33
: 2468 420 - 4.2m - 180gr - Extra Heavy £83.33

Product Description

These rods offer great performance at a sensible price. If you are fishing flowing rivers like the Trent, Severn, Yare etc. then these rods are for you.


  • Solith Medium Heavy Feeder (Supplied with 1.5 + 2.0oz Carbon tips)
    When conditions change continuously, it’s good to rely on a rod which has an “overcapacity”. The Solith medium / heavy feeder rods provide this extra power and keep your cage feeders on their place, even in changing currents. Using it in combination with braided lines these rods can be used for larger distances and bigger waters.
  • Solith Heavy Feeder (Supplied with 2.0 + 3.0oz carbon tips)
    Fishing on big rivers for bream, and lrger fish like barbel require powerfull rods. First of all to cast accurately and comfortably, but also to provide plenty of control when fighting the fish. These Solith rods are built for this kind of work. The tip section has the correct flexibility to withstand the headshaking powers big fish generate, which allows you to use even non flexible braided lines.
  • Solith Extra Heavy Feeder (Supplied with 3.0 + 4.0 + 5.0oz carbon tips)
    The use of heavy cage feeders demand much more from a rod. Not only during the cast, but certainly during fishing itself. The current causes a lot of line pressure, which makes the rod ineffective for proper hooksetting. The EXTRA HEAVY versions of the Solith range are specifically designed for these kind of circumstances. Enhanced blank strength, specially designed tips and larger double legged guides ensure these rods are built for the job.

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