I get asked when talking to customers all the time 'Well what make do you use?' This is always a difficult to answer as i obviusly have a shop full of the latest and best gear to sell but as we all know tackle choice is a very personal thing and what one person insists is good someone else will disagree.

This was my first fishing trip out for a few months so i thought i would go through what i use. This trip was to fish a match on Dents Farm Shop Lake at Hilgay. This is a quite different venue as it holds lots of Skimmers, Bream, Roach, rudd as well as some carp the size of a bus!
I drew peg 26 which is quite surrounded by reeds with open water to my right.
peg 26 Farm shop Lake

I have fished this peg before so i decided to fish a couple of lines, one at 7 sections, about 2 metres from the reeds and one to the right at 8 sections. The rigs used are some new floats i have just had made which are the Silverlite All Round fine Tip and a heavy rig on a Silverlite fine tip shallow just incase i needed to venture into the reeds ( not something i like to do). The main rigs are tied to 0.12 garboline and the heavy to 0.14. Hooks are drennan wide Gape Pellet. The two lighter rigs are on top kits with Yellow Hydro and the heavier one on Grey Hydro.

silverlite rigs

Biat choice for the day as i am targeting skimmers is 50/50 sensas Lake Fishmeal & Bait-Tech golden Crumb with a few Sonu f1 2mm pellets added. I cup in 3 balls on each line at the start and as usual after a slow start get a few bites on 4mm expander.
It pays to just take a couple of fish and switch swims at the moment as they seem to spook easily. after atching steadily some Brown goldfish, Crucians and Skimmers up to 2lb I finish the match with just over 42Lbs for second place. This was a good result and a lovely days fishing on what i think is one of the best mixed fisheries around.

Just to finish off here is a list of my choice of tackle, just to prove i dont favour any one brand but what suits me best.
Pole- Daiwa Pro-X
Hooks-Drennan Wide Gape Pellet

Thanks for reading.
More to come soon.