The Daiwa G50 pole is a real workhorse of the range.
This pole has been updated from the popular G8 & G20 models over the last few years and still continues to be one of the most popular in the daiwa range.
Part of the reson for this is that like all Daiwa models it is a true 'All-Round' pole and will handle anything from snatching roach on a river to handling the largest carp on commercials.
Made in Scotland to the highest standards it is also very reliable and will cope with most types of fishing. This latest model features the awesome Diamond satin finish on the lower sections and slid easy finish up the pole for easy shipping. now available with 2 types of kit package, 'More Match' or 'More Power' to suit what the angler needs.
We will aslo swap kits around to suit your needs so please ask if you would like to tailor a package specific to yourself.
Interlastic kits

The poles are supplied with Interlastic kits but we can also supply 'Pre-bore' kits which you can fit any side puller system to or match No2 sections instead of Bog Bore section 1's if you need the kits all the same length.

Call in and see for yourself.