When I first saw a picture of the new ringers pellet bander I must admit I thought it would just be like the Drennan or Matrix versions but in yellow. How wrong was I? I should have known that Phil would not do this and he's certainly improved on what is already available.

The new bander features plastic prongs which are much more accurate than the metal ones usually used meaning that they ‘centre’ perfectly every time without the need for an external band, how annoying is it when you cannot get the prongs into a micro band without forcing them back together? They are also stepped on the end which means that even the smallest band can be used with ease. The fact that they are plastic also means they are smooth which helps when removing the tool form the band.

Phil has also made this item hi-viz yellow so you shouldn’t lose it in the grass. The last feature which you will appreciate one day is ‘It Floats’. How many items of tackle have you lost after dropping them into the water? Not anymore! All in all this is a definite improvement on what has been available and we like that.