One of the best product ranges we have seen launched this year has been the Sensas range of foam bodied competition pole floats. For many years companies have been utilising the latest closed cell foam in making commercial pole floats but until now no-one has really made ‘proper’ floats using this material. The Sensas range covers many classic patterns including the famous Jean Francois, Padova, Gilles, Serge and several new ones Athos, Linares, Aramis to name a few.

The big advantage of foam bodies is that they are totally consistent so once you know exactly how many shot is required it will always stay the same. Another great advantage is that even the best quality match floats suffer from paint splitting eventually, this is due to manufacturers keeping the paint as thin as possible as this seems to help the float work better but if you try to varnish match type floats they never seem to ‘settle’ correctly for some reason. With foam this problem does not occur as it will not ship water even if damaged.

All this costs more? Wrong. These floats still sell at £1.99 so you get all the advantage at no extra cost. Maybe the only slight down side is the white colour but maybe we will see this change at some point in the future and I don’t really think this worries the fish as much as us anglers! I for one will be trying these very soon.