Browning Silverlite Bolo Rod


Telescopic Bolo Rods

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7m 12344700 £129.99
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Length: 7m
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Length: 8m
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Browning’s bolo rods from the Silverlite range set themselves apart with the use of very high-quality carbon. This gives the blanks speed for striking and sensitivity for playing fish. The stiffness also allows precise bait control.
The range offers a selection of three different rod lengths: 6m, 7m and 8m.
The 6m model provides the ideal length for most small rivers. This, the shortest model, allows easy handling on the bank and makes fishing easy!
The 7m is considered the all-round option for larger and deeper rivers. There are few waters where you won't be well served by a 7m rod.
If the water is extremely deep or there are big obstacles near the bank, then our 8m model is ideal.
All rods have a 5-25gr casting weight.


  • 6m - 296gr
  • 7m - 385gr
  • 8m - 455gr

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