Benwick Red & Yellow Bits (Pastoncino)

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Groundbait Additive

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This additive for all groundbait mixes is a hard particle that gives fish something to 'pick out' as it tends to stay on the bottom. If you look at most commercially available Bream groundbaits and commercial margin mixes you will see these small particles included and adding extra to your mix is a great way to boost your catch rate. You can also add a small 'pinch' into your feeder dry or damp and see what difference it makes, doing it this way lets you control the amount you feed in your mix during a session.
Why not vary the amount of each colour in your mix and add both red an yellow? Use this dampened to cup into the margins on carp lakes as it stays on the bottom to keep fish feeding for longer.

Supplied in a 700gr bag this offers great value.

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