Browning Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic

Bowning Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic

Microbore Hollow Elastic

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6350006 - 17-21 Rocket Red £11.95
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: 6350006 - 17-21 Rocket Red
Our Price: £11.95
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Xitan Microbore elastic offers major advantages over conventional hollow elastic. A smaller centre tube means that Xitan Microbore is around 30% thinner & lighter than the equivalent standard hollow, but retains the same 7x stretch factor.
Microbore also runs much smoother under load as it resists flattening at the bush under pressure.
In test it also lasted longer.
The smaller sizes are the perfect silverfish and F1 elastics.
Supplied in 3m lengths.

Rating Diameter (mm) Colour
3-5 1.3 Lime Green
5-7 1.5 Orange
7-9 1.9 Pink
9-13 2.3 Blue/Pearl
13-17 2.7 Hunter Green
17-21 3.0 Rocket Red

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