Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU)

Prices shown exclude Tax

If you are viewing this website from outside the UK or you are delivering goods to an address outside the UK then all prices displayed on this website will automatically will be shown excluding tax.

Taxes and Duties Payable

For any orders delivered outside the UK you are responsible for paying any taxes or duties due in your own country related to the order, plus any admin charge added by the Carrier (see below for details).

In most cases these will be payable directly to the Carrier locally before delivery of goods.


This is your local VAT rate which will be between 17% & 27% depending on your country.


This is a levy charged by your local customs. This is usually up to 2% of the order value, however this can be more.

Admin charge

This is a fee you will pay the delivery company for collecting the payment. Royal Mail delivery partners usually charge £6-10 in Euros and UPS usually charge £10-15 in Euros, however this amount could be more.

Failure to pay these taxes, duties and admin charges in the delivery country may result in the delivery being returned to Benwick Sports and in this case you would be liable for outward delivery and return freight charges.