Browning Black Magic C-Picker 2 Rods

Browning Black Magic C-Picker 2 Rods

Quality Short Bomb Rods

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12220330 - 3.3m/11ft £59.95
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: 12220330 - 3.3m/11ft
Our Price: £59.95
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A range of three quality carbon rods mainly designed for match-sized carp, but also good for small rivers.
The 8' / 2.5m "Picker" makes accurate casting to around 25m easier and fish can be landed very quickly.
The classic 10'/3.0m "Bomb" and 11'/3.3m Light Feeder are adaptable rods suitable for the method or conventional feeder fishing for a wide range of fish, winter or summer, due to their forgiving "all-through" actions.
These rods are really enjoyable to use as they are so sensitive and light when playing fish.
All are supplied with 2 quivertips of 1oz & 2oz.

Code Model Length Sections Casting Weight Transport Length Weight
12220 330 Bomb 3.3m/11ft 2 80gr 1.70m 297gr

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