Browning Black Magic C-Stillwater 2 Feeder Rod

Browning Black Magic C-Stillwater 2 Feeder Rod

All Round Feeder Rod

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12221360 - 3.6m/12ft £75.95
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: 12221360 - 3.6m/12ft
Our Price: £75.95
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These are general purpose, "do anything", carbon feeder rods that will handle every form of feeder fishing. If you only want one rod for all your feeder fishing, rivers and lakes, then choose one of these!
Capable of casting larger feeders over good distances, but still soft enough for use at close distanceswith light lines for smaller fish. Supplied with 2 quivertips of 1oz & 2oz.

Code Model Length Sections Casting Weight Transport length Weight
12221 360 Stillwater 3.6m/12ft 3 80gr 1.25m 340gr

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