Browning CK Carp Tickler Rod

Browning CK Carp Tickler Rod

Short Commercial Feeder Rod

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12232220 - 2.2m 50gr £69.99
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12233220 - 2.2m 35gr (F1) £64.99
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: 12232220 - 2.2m 50gr
Our Price: £69.99
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: 12233220 - 2.2m 35gr (F1)
Our Price: £64.99
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A revolutionary new rod design by Browning that takes “short” rods to the next level. The Tickler rods are effectively a one piece 7ft/2.2m rod which is folded for carrying by just pulling out the quivertip and winding the line tight. Everything is held in place without the need for rod bands or sleeves.
Tickler rods can be setup and “ready to fish” in less than 10 seconds – and put away just as quickly - without the irritating tangles and damaged quivertips always suffered with 2 piece rods!
As the main rod has no joints the action is absolutely perfect. Unbeatable casting accuracy and speed for fishing at distance to around 20m.
Available in 2 actions to suit Carp/F1 or summer/winter fishing. Fitted with special ultra low friction line guides, special contoured handle, snag-free hook keeper and supplied with 2 quiver tips 0.5 & 1.0oz (2.8mm diameter)

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