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Slider Fishing Rod

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This rod has been made exclusively for Benwick Sports by UK manufacturer Tri-cast.

Based on the Trilogy XS blank this rod has been tweaked to suit UK style slider fishing.

The rod is 14ft which allows for faster line pick up in deeper water and as can be seen from the photos it has a nice 'tippy' action before the extra power comes in for larger fish. The main issue most people have a problem with when slider fishing is the stop knot not travelling through the rings very well, this is not so much of an issue if you are casting long distances as you can easily load the rod up however when fishing closer this is not the case and the knot can impede the cast and also move as well.
The current trend for really small diameter guides on modern rods has not helped this either so we have had slightly larger diameter guides fitted to the top section so that this is no longer a problem. Most other rods sold as 'slider' models are really designed more for 'continental' anglers and they tend to be very stiff which might work when fishing on certain venues but again we have found in the UK they can be too brutal for the fishing we are doing and this rod is much more forgiving and easier to use.
This rod is also a perfect model for stick float fishing when targeting slightly larger fish as well as the line runs really well through the larger guides.

Casting weight 15gr.
line rating up to 8lb.

Please note rings may vary slightly from images.

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