14ft Free Spirit Hi-'S' Special Power Float


Top Quality Float Rod

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The original Hi-'S' Special Power Float rods were 'go-to' models for targeting powerful fish like Barbel, Tench and Chub.
Now given an update with Ultra Low resin carbons and updated fittings the whole range benefits from weight savings of up to 20% on previous models with no reduction in strength and actions.
Using Japanese 40t Ultra Low Resin Carbon like the Hi-‘S’ Waggler rods, these float rods are extremely light to hold so are a joy to use all day. The carbon doesn’t soften perceptibly so will stay strong for many, many years with no change in action.

14ft Power Float

The Hi-‘S’ Special Power Float 14’ is a great all-rounder, at home when targeting species in lakes and rivers, for quarry such as Tench, Bream and Crucians or Chub, Barbel and Grayling. Suitable for fishing the stick at close ranges and the waggler and ideal for trotting the pellet waggler for Barbel when dragging the bottom over-depth to make bait presentation more natural. 

Features 'S' lite stand off guides and Fuji lock down reel seat.
Weighs 172gr
11 guides + tip ring.
3 piece design