Browning Black Viper SLC Reel

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Distance Feeder Reel

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The Black Viper SLC reel has been designed to offer feeder anglers maximum range combined with powerful performance! Gear ratio, line capacity, spool design, transmission power – all have been optimised for this precise purpose! With its powerful gear ratio, the feeder reel is also ideal for using with heavy feeders on rivers and long distance method fishing. The front edge of the large spool allows both braided line and monofilament to flow easily from the reel. The two line clips are particularly line-friendly and enable consistently precise angling. The handle is powerful and the knob with its rubberised surface is designed for a perfect grip. The reel body is not unnecessarily large and enables overall pleasant handling of the reel. 


  • Capacity 300m - 0.16mm
  • Ration 4.6:1 - 94cm per turn
  • 618 gr