Adrenaline Mega Byte Carp Method Mix (1.4kg)

Adrenaline Mega Byte Carp Method Mix (1.4kg)

Commercial Groundbait

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: 9322 - F1 Noir
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Adrenaline Baits is quickly building a reputation for quality baits. With matchman of the year Lee Thornton on board, his input has allowed them to create baits that are a super attractant to fish, with a pellet content of at least 70%.
MegaByte Carp Method Mix is primarily developed for use with Method or Hybrid feeders without falling off on the cast or sticking in the mould. The unique Double-Grind manufacturing process produces a super fine mix that breaks down completely when submersed, making it ideal for use in waters up to 6ft in depth.
Its secret high pellet and fishmeal recipe produces maximum fish pulling appeal, but without overfeeding.
For perfect results, mix MegaByte with water on a little-and-often basis, and riddle thoroughly. The attractant level is intense with this technological formulation and it will disperse in your swim and attract fish virtually instantly.
Available in a variety of colours and supplied in mega value 1400g bags with a FREE bottle of Method Reacta Boost to add even more high attractant into your mix!

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