Gamakatsu Pro Commercial King Pro Spade


Competition Barbless Hook

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The King Pro is based on the original Gamakatsu 2210 model, which is famous all over Europe for it’s great hookhold thanks to the offset and curved point. This barbless version made from A1 Hard Wire is no exception to that especially when the hookbait needs to be presented slightly overdepth on the pole or with a long tail using feeder tactics, this model is the preference of many top anglers. This medium wire pattern allows a quite sensitive bait presentation and  thanks to the forged steel, extra power has been added. The P.T.F.E coating upgrades the penetration rate and keeps the point ultra sharp. This hook can be used on both the pole and feeder targeting bream, tench , f1’s and match sized carp.    

10 hooks per pack.

Spade or Eyed
Spade End
Tied or Loose
Barbed or Barbless

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