MAP DF1 Pole Float

MAP DF1 Pole Float
MAP DF1 Pole Float
MAP DF1 Pole Float
MAP DF1 Pole Float

Strong Slim Float.

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Size: 4X14
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Although balsa has long been the material of choice for manufacturing pole float bodies, here at MAP we’ve realised that in these days or targeting big, big fish and catching huge weights, strength is crucial to many anglers when choosing a pole float for tackling commercial fisheries.

MAP have launched a new range of foam-bodied pole floats to cater for these anglers to give them floats that will perform under the hardest conditions.

Slim-bodied design ideal for fishing paste. The long body design also help to keep the bait stable in windy conditions.
Foam body.
1.0mm glass stem.
1.6mm hollow bristle.
Standard side eye.
Glass stem runs through the body into the hollow tip for extra strength.

Pole Float Stem
Glass Fibre
Pole Float Bristle
Pole Float Body

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