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Genuine Daiwa Generic Sections and Kits.

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: Section 4 (GPS4) £66.66
: Short 3 (HS3A) £33.33
: Short 4 (HS4A) £41.66
: Big Bore Section1 (BBPK1) £24.99
: Big Bore Power Kit (BBPK2) £54.16
: Generic Section 2 (Power) £24.99
: Generic Section 3 (GPS3P) £29.99
: ILCPK1 - Cloud Grey Big Bore No1 Section £37.49 Out of stock 
: DBBPT4.7-AU - Big Bore 1 Black 4.7mm £33.33
: DBBPT5.8-AU - Big Bore 1 Black 5.8mm £33.33
: DBBCPT4.7-AU - Big Bore 1 Cloud 4.7mm £37.49
: DBBCPT5.8-AU - Big Bore 1 Cloud 5.8mm £37.49

Product Description

These sections are genuine Daiwa generic sections which fit most UK made poles. Please check if you are not sure.


  • Generic Section 4 replaces standard section 4.
  • Generic Section 5 replaces standard section 5 on all UK made Daiwa except Whisker models.(Slide Easy Finish)
  • Generic Short 4 replaces standard section 4 and makes pole stiffer.
  • Generic Section 2 Match is from a T3MK kit and fits a generic Match section 3 (Not generic power 3 as fitted to BBPK or Interlastic)
  • Generic Section 2 for Generic Power Section 3 will fit a Generic Power 3 as fitted to BBPK2 or Interlastic kit. (These are slightly bigger diameter than Match generic section 3)  They also fit genuine Match no 3 sections.
  • BBPK1 is a long power section which fits Std. Match section 3.
  • BBPK2 is a BBPK1 + Power Section3 for heavier elastics.
  • Generic Section 3 (GPS3P) fits Std Match top 2 sections or BBPK1 sections.
  • DBBPT & DBBCPT are new versions of the BBPK1 section. They are 147cm long and fitted with internal bush. Available in standard Black or Cloud. They will fit all previous section 3's.
  • NEW - Cloud Bigbore no1 section. Grey colour fits on section 3.

In Stock now Genuine Daiwa Generic kits which are reinforced for you to fit your choice of pulla systems.
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