Guru N-Gauge Specimen Dual Tip Rod


Twin Top Specimen Rods

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1.25lb GRD119 £125.99
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1.5lb GRD120 £125.99
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1.75lb GRD121 £125.99
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Action: 1.25lb
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Action: 1.5lb
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Action: 1.75lb
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The N-Gauge Specimen rods are a highly versatile range designed for the specialist, pleasure and specimen angler targeting natural and commercial waters.

This latest range has been developed with 30 & 40 Ton tensile strength carbon to create a progressive power action, meaning the rods bend throughout the blank gaining more power progressively as the rods are bent further – perfect for playing big fish. Alongside this action, the rods remain light, well balanced and extremely comfortable to use. SEA-GUIDE anti tangle guides with slim Zirconia rings drastically reduce the risk of thin mono and braided lines ‘frapping up’ on the butt guide during the cast.

The three dual-tip rods in the range 1.25lb, 1.5lb and 1.75lb are perfect for both feeder and float fishing on rivers and still waters. Each twin tip rod has a tubular top with a smooth progressive action suitable for float fishing and feeder fishing. The quiver top comes supplied with two additional carbon quivers balanced with the test curve of each rod suitable for all feeder work on natural and commercial venues.

2 piece design.

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