Browning Black Magic Tele System Whip

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5.0m 10017500 £89.99
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6.5m Extension (Extension only) 10017998 £34.99
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8.0m Extension (Extension only) 10017999 £49.99
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2/1 Hollow kit 10017996 £19.99
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: 5.0m
Our Price: £89.99
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: 6.5m Extension
(Extension only) 10017998
Our Price: £34.99
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: 8.0m Extension
(Extension only) 10017999
Our Price: £49.99
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: 2/1 Hollow kit
Our Price: £19.99
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The Browning Black Magic whip system is a hybrid of a telescopic whip and can be extended using take apart sections. The first 5 sections are telescopic and are fitted with a solid flick tip so it is perfect for all silverfish fishing 'to hand'.
If you need to fish longer lengths you can buy extra extensions that just plug into the butt section to take the whip to either 6.5m or 8m.
An optional hollow kit is also available for elastication.


  • 5m whip weighs 212gr
  • 6.5m extension weighs 115gr
  • 8.0m extension weighs 200gr
  • Hollow 2/1 kit weighs 13.8gr and is 1.8m long

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