What does each order Status mean?

We use the following order statuses on your account Order history page and in the emails we send you:

Payment Accepted

Your order payment has been accepted but we have not yet started processing your order.

Processing Order

We have started to pick the items you ordered from our warehouse and we will ship your order soon.


Your order has now been shipped either via Royal Mail or another carrier.

Awaiting Stock

One or more of the items you have ordered are not in stock and we are waiting for them to be delivered to us. In this situation we will normally notify so that you can decide whether you wish to wait for these items or not.

Awaiting Collection

Your order is ready for you to collect from our retail store.


You have already collected an order from our store.


Your order has been cancelled by agreement.

Refund/Partial Refund

Your order has either been fully or partially refunded.

There are a few other statuses that sometimes appear to indicate your payment is still being processed by a particular card provider, but these are usually very temporary and 99% or all orders will have one of the Statuses indicated above.