Daiwa Quiver Tips (2.4mm)

Spare Daiwa Quiver Tips.

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Part No.: MTQ0.75oz-AU £33.33
Part No.: MTQ1.0 £33.33 Out of stock 
Part No.: MTQ1.5 £33.33 Out of stock 
Part No.: MTQ2.0 £33.33
Part No.: CQ0.75 £20.83 Out of stock 
Part No.: CQ1 £20.83
Part No.: CQ1.5 £20.83
Part No.: CQ2 £20.83
Part No.: CQBG1.5 - Big Guides £20.83 Out of stock 
Part No.: CQBG2.0 - Big Guides £20.83
Part No.: CQBG3OZ-AU- Big Guides £20.83 Out of stock 
Part No.: MTQBG1.5 - Big Guides £33.33
Part No.: MTQBG2.0 - Big Guides £33.33
Part No.: MTQBG3.0 - Big Guides £33.33

Product Description

These tips are 2.4mm diameter.
The Megatops MTQ are standard on current Tournament AU rods.
The CQ tips are the same diameter and will fit TournamentAU-HarrierAU-Yank n Bank AU-MatchwinnerAU-TDR AU rods. Thet are not however identical to the original tips supplied with these rods which can be supplied to order. If in doubt please ask before ordering.
Now available Big Guides with larger guides for distance casting and leader knots.


Model NumberStyleColourTest curve (Ounces)Rings
MTQ1.0FineOrange1.0Ali Oxide
MTQ1.5MediumYellow1.5Ali Oxide
MTQ2.0Med/HeavyRed2.0Ali Oxide
CQ1FineOrange1.0Ali Oxide
CQ1.5MediumYellow1.5Ali Oxide
CQ2Medium/HeavyRed2.0Ali Oxide
CQBG1.5 (NEW)MediumYellow1.5Ali Oxide
CQBG2.0 (NEW)Medium/HeavyRed2.0Ali Oxide
MTQBG1.5(NEW)MediumYellow1.5Ali Oxide
MTQBG2.0(NEW)Medium/HeavyRed2.0Ali Oxide


Daiwa Mega Tops MTQ.
These tips are standard on current Tournament 'AU' feeder rods. They are constucted in a different way to normal quiver tips and are made under high compression which brings the molecules closer together (there are less voids).  This creates the strength increase over standard solid carbon tips. They are also stiffer for the same diameter.

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