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: MHSPF11S2C - 11ft cork (Special) £290.83 Out of stock 
: MHSPF11S2 - 11ft abbreviated (Special) £274.17
: MHSPF12S2C - 12ft 2 piece cork (Special) £299.17
: MHSPF12S2 - 12ft 2 piece abbreviated (Special) £282.50
: MHSPF13D2C - 13ft 2 piece cork (Distance) £332.50
: MHSPF13D2 - 13ft 2 piece abbreviated (Distance) £315.83
: MHSPF14D3C - 14ft 3 piece cork (Distance) £332.50
: MHSPF14D3 - 14ft 3 piece abbreviated (Distance) £315.83

Product Description

As with all Free Spirit products these rods are the best that can be offered and will be are good for many years’ service.
To ensure this was the case with the Power Feeders, Free Spirit had some of the very best feeder anglers involved in the development and testing of this range.
These rods had to be capable of casting but also have subtle build-up of power to load gradually so method feeders in particular did not explode on the cast. With the Hi-‘S’ low resin carbons it was easy to make a rod light yet responsive and powerful but they had to work hard to ensure there were no flat spots or harsh areas that would spoil the required action. One of the keys to this was using long hollow quiver tips made from the same material as the rest of the blank which ensured the transition of power through the quiver tip to top section was smooth and even. The big advantage of this is that long distances can be achieved with much smaller feeders – especially important in winter when fish push out from the bank but you don’t want to put much bait on the feeder and risk over feeding.
Section lengths are equal and are offered two piece versions in 12’ and 13’ since the actions of these are slightly more progressive than the three piece rods due to having longer sections and one joint less. The diameter of the blank can also be reduced making the rod have a slimmer taper. For those needing shorter transport lengths then 3 piece in lengths of 13’ and 14’ are available.. Guides are Kigan Anti-Frap with large size 30 butt guide and larger intermediates – all helping with the use of heavier lines and particularly shock leaders in common use for this style of fishing. The reel seat on the standard build is a Fuji TVSM17 which gives a very positive feel through the blank and also fits the larger reels in common use on big reservoirs. All models are offered in more traditional full cork handles or the abbreviated build, with the option of custom built handles too.

There are effectively two ranges of rods in the Power Feeders:
Designed for carp, bream and roach with a forgiving action – casting weight up to 120g
Designed for extreme ranges on reservoirs and lochs and big European rivers where additional power is needed - casting weight to 160g.

If you require a model that is not listed then please contact us as delivery usually only takes a few days.

Tips Supplied

  • All 'Special' models 12 & 13ft 1 x 2.5oz & 1 x 3.0oz hollow carbon quivers.
  • 'Special ' 11ft 1 x 1.0oz & 1 x 1.5oz hollow carbon quivers.
  • All 'Distance' models 1 x 3.0oz & 1 x 3.5oz hollow carbon quivers.

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