Cralusso Surf Float

Amazing float for use on Pole or Running line.

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Product Description

The Surf float is supplied with two stems and top wires (for use in either left or right flow), three paddle shaped bristles in different colours and the correct silicone tube for making the rigs. Angling Concept’s Tony Booker says, “The Cralusso Surf float has truly amazing capabilities.  It can be successfully fished on the pole but similar presentations can be achieved on a running line at distances far beyond the rod top. In an adequate flow, rigs can be led further out, closer in and even upstream, depending on how much the float is held back.  This allows baits to be presented around fish-holding features, against or under far bank cover, and past, above and below the feed area. Even in a light flow, rigs can be held in a position well beyond the rod top and trotting whilst holding back with a constant pressure – such as when using a centre pin – will see rigs travelling downstream in a true line without drag. In tests this was even achieved in a strong downstream wind. Being able to use rod and reel can be a major advantage on busy towpaths and when large bonus fish are a possibility. This float will not only be of interest to match anglers. It should also become a valuable asset to pleasure and specialist anglers, who will now find it possible to roll or place even big baits (such as meat) very accurately and into previously inaccessible areas.” The polyurethane material chosen for manufacture of the bodies of all Cralusso floats  will not take on water, so minor surface damage will not lead to adverse performance. Floats are supplied with comprehensive instructions. 

Product Features

Pole Float StemWire
Pole Float BristlePlastic
Pole Float BodyFoam

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