Preston DS Commercial Chianti

Des Shipp Chianti Pole Float

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Size: 4X10, Tip: Red £1.75
Size: 4X10, Tip: Yellow £1.75
Size: 4X12, Tip: Red £1.75
Size: 4X12, Tip: Yellow £1.75
Size: 4X14, Tip: Red £1.75
Size: 4X14, Tip: Yellow £1.75
Size: 4X16, Tip: Red £1.75
Size: 4X16, Tip: Yellow £1.75

Product Description

This classic float pattern has proved itself over the years and this is a new version which is identical to the original, including the cane tip, except for the foam body which still retains the same size and bouyancy of the original floats. Ideal for many fishing styles including strung shot rigs for on the drop fishing.This float features a cane tip which is around 1.2-1.5mm but varies and has a carbon stem.

All floats in the new 'Slims' range are constructed using a tough, aerospace grade, Rohacell foam body for maximum durability whilst the tips and stems have been hand-picked to optimise the intended use of each float. This pattern still has a traditional side eye like the original model.

The entire Des Shipp Commercial Slims Pole Float range has been hand finished to Des Shipp’s exacting standards.

ds commercial float

DS commercial float

Product Features

Pole Float StemCarbon
Pole Float BristleCane
Pole Float BodyFoam

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