Siwi Lake (Carbon) Pole Float

All Round Pole Float.

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Size: 3.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92
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Size: 4.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92
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Size: 5.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92
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Size: 6.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92
Size: 8.0gm, Tip: Red £1.92
Size: 8.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92
Size: 10.0gm, Tip: Red £1.92
Size: 10.0gm, Tip: Yellow £1.92

Product Description

This float is a good all round model for use on slow moving and still waters. The shape allows a good clean exit from the water so it is also a good 'line to hand' float when using larger sizes in deeper water such as rivers and Loughs in Ireland.
Balsa body with plastic bristle.

Product Features

Pole Float StemCarbon
Pole Float BristlePlastic
Pole Float BodyBalsa

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