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Size: 2.0gm, Tip: Orange £3.29
Size: 2.0gm, Tip: Red £3.29
Size: 2.0gm, Tip: Yellow £3.29
Size: 3.0gm, Tip: Yellow £3.29
Size: 3.0gm, Tip: Orange £3.29
Size: 3.0gm, Tip: Red £3.29
Size: 4.0gm, Tip: Yellow £3.29 Out of stock 
Size: 4.0gm, Tip: Orange £3.29
Size: 4.0gm, Tip: Red £3.29
Size: 5.0gm, Tip: Yellow £3.29 Out of stock 
Size: 5.0gm, Tip: Orange £3.29 Out of stock 
Size: 5.0gm, Tip: Red £3.29

Product Description

Pellet Flyers are designed for shallow pellet fishing on small to medium-sized commercial waters. Being short and transparent, they are far less conspicuous than solid coloured-painted floats, which is a major advantage when pellet-fishing up in the water, very shallow.

The blended, streamlined shape of transparent body and base weight ensures arrow-straight casting and a single, removable disc weight allows the angler to choose how much of the fluorescent tip is showing.

Clear, plastic dive disc plus spares are supplied for each size of Pellet Flyer relevant to body diameter. These reduce float dive to an absolute minimum, avoiding fish scare and providing instant bite detection.

Short bodied waglers generally oscillate in flight but even the smallest 2g Pellet Flyer at just 3.5inch (90mm) flies perfectly straight and true, improving casting distance and accuracy.

Pellet Flyers are as light and buoyant as balsa or foam bodied floats but many times stronger and more durable, cannot be line or carp damaged, so are better all-round.

Product Features

Waggler TypeLoaded
Waggler StemStraight
Waggler StyleBodied

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