Drake Balsa Canal Wagglers (Unloaded) Blue

Tapered Canal Waggler

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Shot: 1.5bb - 0.6gr (10cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 1.5bb - 0.6gr (10cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 2bb - 0.8gr (12cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 2bb - 0.8gr (12cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 2.5bb - 1.0gr (13cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 2.5bb - 1.0gr (13cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 3bb - 1.2gr (14cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 3bb - 1.2gr (14cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 3.5bb - 1.4gr (15cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 3.5bb - 1.4gr (15cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 4bb - 1.6gr (16cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 4bb - 1.6gr (16cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00
Shot: 4.5bb - 1.8gr (16cm), Tip: Red £2.00
Shot: 4.5bb - 1.8gr (16cm), Tip: Yellow £2.00

Product Description

These lovely balsa wagglers are handmade in the UK and are perfect for casting acroos small canals and drains or using on whips when fishing to hand.
This model is basically unloaded with a small aluminium base which has a micro waggler attachment fitted.

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